Important Information

Introduction to Riding costs $45. We provide motorcycles and helmets for your convenience. This course is for riders-to-be who just want to see if motorcycling is for them or who would like to ease into riding at a slower pace before taking our Basic I course. This course does not waive any ITD testing requirements for acquiring a motorcycle operator license. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign the required waiver form in the presence of an Instructor the day of the class. This class takes place on the range only and there is no classroom portion or testing of skills.

Please arrive 15 minutes early. You must be on time for the class to continue the course. You must come prepared to ride with the following riding gear (no exceptions!):

  • Full-fingered sturdy gloves, preferably leather
  • Over-the-ankle footwear
  • Long sleeve shirt; a weather-appropriate jacket is preferred
  • Long pants, preferably jeans or leathers
  • Personal DOT approved 3/4 or full-faced helmet, if you want to use your own
  • Eye protection (helmet visor, goggles, or sunglasses will suffice)
  • Rain gear, we ride during wet weather!
  • Bring your driver's license

If you are not allowed to continue because you do not have appropriate gear as defined above, your full tuition will be forfeited. 

For students who choose to use personally owned motorcycles, be aware you may only use motorcycles/scooters that are 400cc or less. For students who choose not to use a personally owned motorcycle, motorcycles and helmets are provided. All personally owned motorcycles/scooters must be street legal and in safe operating condition. The Instructor will inspect your vehicle to ensure compliance. A T-CLOCK inspection form is available to help you prepare for the class. While the Instructor will not check all items, the T-CLOCK is an excellent tool to ensure your vehicle is in safe operating condition. Straight pipes or excessively loud bikes are NOT allowed and will be determined appropriate at the discretion of the Instructor. Tuition will not be refunded if your vehicle does not pass or if mechanical issues/failure prevent you from completing the course. You must bring current proof of insurance and ownership/current registration for the motorcycle/scooter used in training. If the registration and/or insurance are not in your name, you must bring written permission from the owner allowing you to use the vehicle during the class.

Though a motorcycle endorsement (M) on your driver’s license or an instructional permit is not required to take the class, one is required, by law, to ride your motorcycle/scooter to and from class.

If you are under 18 years of age, a waiver must be signed by your parent or guardian. Your parent or guardian can stop by the Idaho STAR main offices in Boise and sign paperwork before class, OR they may come to the beginning of class to sign the necessary paperwork. Another option is for you to print the waiver and have your parent or guardian take both pages to be notarized prior to the class, then bring the notarized waiver to class with you. You will not be allowed to ride in the course until the Instructor has an acceptable waiver on file. If you are not allowed to continue for this reason, your full tuition will be forfeited.