What to Wear to Class

Still unsure of what to bring to class? This video is for you!

Come prepared to class! This is a list of Idaho STAR required gear for riding during our courses. You must provide all of your own gear, we no longer provide helmets due to COVID-19. If you come to class without gear or wearing inappropriate gear, you will be dismissed from class and your tuition will be forfeited. 


YES: A three-quarter, full face, or modular helmet that is DOT-compliant **

NO: A half-helmet or anything not DOT-compliant


Eye Protection

YES: Helmet visor, goggles or sunglasses








YES: Over-the-ankle shoes and boots

NO: Anything that does not protect your ankle bones






YES: Sturdy full-finger gloves, preferably leather or motorcycle specific gloves

NO: Any open-finger gloves






Long-Sleeve Shirt/Jacket

YES: Long sleeve t-shirt, hoodie or jacket, motorcycle jacket preferred (jacket required for Enhanced Control Skills and MSC)

NO: Short sleeve t-shirt or tank-tops




YES: Long pants of sturdy fabric, such as jeans, chaps, or preferably riding pants

NO: Shorts





Face Covering

In counties where face covering mandates are in effect, ALL instructors and students will be required to wear a face covering at any time they are not wearing a full face helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Additional Information

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    If you are not allowed to continue because you do not have the appropriate riding gear as defined above, your seat and full tuition will be forfeited.
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    We ride during wet weather! Rain gear is highly recommended if applicable to time of the year, but it is not a requirement.

If you need help, please give us a call; we'll be happy to clarify any questions you may have: 208-639-4540.

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