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Riding Practice Session Important Information

Registering for a STAR class is a great decision. We really look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills with you. Our hope is that it helps make you a safer rider and increases your enjoyment of the sport.

Below we have provided important information to help you prepare for your class.

It is imperative that you read all the information so that you are prepared to ride and get the most out of your class.

General Information

This practice session is available only to previous STAR students (pass or fail). Riding Practice Sessions (RPS) may be repeated as frequently as desired. This two-hour on-cycle session is for riders who would like additional structured practice time on the motorcycle with instruction and feedback. It is frequently taken as a preparatory course for a Skills Retest or a tune-up/skills refresher course.

For a RPS and/or Skills Retest, you must call to register by phone so we can verify eligibility for participation. The STAR office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm 208-639-4540.

Late Arrivals:

If you are late to your course, you will not be allowed to continue and will forfeit your seat and tuition.

Out of respect for all students and our site sponsors, we keep courses moving and start promptly at the designated time.

Arriving 15-20 minutes early is an easy way to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

Snacks and Beverages:

You may bring snacks and beverages. Water is provided.

Course End Times:

Course end times are approximate and may vary due to weather or other circumstances. Please allow extra time when scheduling work, childcare, or other commitments around your course.

Course Completion:

This course does not waive any ITD testing requirements for acquiring a motorcycle operator license, and if taken as a Skills Retest prep course, you must register for the Skills Retest separately.

For Students Under 18 Years of Age

If you are under 18 years of age, a waiver must be signed by your parent or guardian.

You will not be allowed to ride on the training course until the Instructor has an acceptable waiver on file. If you are not allowed to continue for this reason, your full tuition will be forfeited.

Options for Acceptable Waiver Signature:

  1. Your parent/legal guardian can come with you at the beginning of the course to sign the waiver in the presence of the Instructor.
  2. You can bring a signed and notarized copy of your waiver to class.
    • Notaries are available at most financial institutions, or a Google search will pull up the notary nearest your location. Costs may vary.
  3. If you are in the Treasure Valley area, your parent/legal guardian can come to our office to sign the waiver. We are located at 3500 W Chinden, Boise, Idaho 83714 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm).


Special Needs

Please inform us if you have any limitations that may affect your ability to operate a motorcycle or you require specific aids or services. All information will be kept confidential.

You should also touch base with your Instructor(s) about any special needs when you arrive at your course.

Bringing Your Own Motorcycle

Motorcycles are provided for the Basic Rider Training course. If you choose to bring your own motorcycle or scooter, please observe the following:

General Requirements:

All personally owned motorcycles/scooters must be:

  • Street legal
  • Currently registered
  • Insured
  • In safe operating condition
  • Topped off with a full tank of gas

The Instructor will inspect your vehicle to ensure compliance.

Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist is available to help you prepare for the class. While the Instructor will not check all items, the Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist is an excellent tool to ensure your vehicle is in safe operating condition.

Straight pipes or excessively loud bikes will NOT be allowed. The Instructor's determination is final.

Tuition will not be refunded if your vehicle does not pass a pre-ride inspection or if mechanical issues/failure prevents you from completing the course.

License and/or Endorsement:

Though a motorcycle endorsement (M) on your driver’s license or an instructional permit is not required to take the course, one is required, by law, to ride your motorcycle/scooter to and from class.

Insurance and Registration:

You must bring current proof of insurance and ownership/current registration for the motorcycle/scooter used in training.

If the registration and/or insurance are not in your name, you must bring written permission from the owner allowing you to use the vehicle during the class.

Motorcycle Size / Restrictions:

You may only use motorcycles/scooters that are 400cc or less in Intro to Riding.

Required Gear

Motorcycling is fun, but having and riding in the proper gear helps to keep you safe. Below are the gear requirements for your course. For your safety, all listed gear is required.

If you fail to bring required gear, you will not be allowed to ride and will forfeit your seat and tuition.

  • 3/4 or full-face DOT compliant helmet
  • Over the ankle foot wear
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Long sleeves and long pants
  • Eye protection
  • In counties where face covering mandates are in effect, ALL instructors and students will be required to wear a face covering at any time they are not wearing a full face helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If you'd like more info on what to wear to class, check out or What To Wear page.

If you have additional questions or would like more information before the start of your class, call our office at 208-639-4540, or send an email to

After you complete your course, call the STAR office to register for your next class with a 25% discount on tuition - good for two full years after the original date.


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