ENHANCED 2-UP SKILLS (for Rider and Passenger)

Enhanced 2-Up Skills is designed for fully endorsed riders with current street-riding experience who want to build skill and confidence in carrying passengers.

Content: braking, cornering, and low-speed control development while carry a passenger. Confidence-building exercises for handling emergency braking situations and leaning and cornering.

Duration: 6 hours. Course end times are approximate and may vary due to weather or other circumstances.

Cost: $105 (includes both rider and passenger)

You MUST provide your own motorcycle/scooter and passenger. There is no size restriction for motorcycles/scooters for this class.

Requirements: See STAR gear requirements. A valid driver's license and an "M" motorcycle endorsement are required to take this course.

Additional Information: This class takes place on the range only and there is no classroom portion or testing of skills. Completion of this course does not waive ITD's skills test requirement. If you need more information about how to obtain your motorcycle endorsement, click here.

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