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Ride Safe, Ride Smart

Did you know that STAR offers 7 different courses from an introductory clinic to advanced precision riding?

We are currently registering riders for courses through September - all levels of training! 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The STAR mission is to share knowledge and skills to make motorcycling safer. 

To fulfill our mission, we offer a variety of courses providing hands-on training that helps make Idaho’s roadways safer for all of us. In fact, a review of all 7,738 motorcycle crashes statewide from 1996-2014 indicated that STAR training is associated with a 79% reduced crash risk and an 89% reduction in the risk of a fatal crash. 

Beyond training, we also have a variety of online resources available throughout this site, so be sure to explore and let us know how we can help you make every ride a safe one!

You can also follow us on Facebook, and remember to check our website regularly for reminders and dates regarding the 2017 season. 

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