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Our series of Enhanced Skills courses are designed for fully-endorsed motorcycle riders with at least three months of current street-riding experience. Each of these 6-hour courses focuses on a specific skill set.

In the Enhanced Street Skills, you will learn street-strategies and hazard-response skills as well as practice advanced cornering, braking, and swerving skills on your own motorcycle.

The Enhanced Control Skills offers you the opportunity to master slow speed maneuvering. Just about anyone can ride fast in a straight line, but skilled riders know how to control their motorcycle at very low speeds and in tight places. This course will help you ride like a STAR and impress your friends with your precision riding skills.

Enhanced 2-Up Skills is a must-do if you carry passengers or plan to carry passengers. Motorcycles handle differently with someone riding pillion. Build skills and confidence in motorcycle handling dynamics in this unique 2-Up course. Coaching and tips given for both rider and passenger in this course will help you become an interactive, cohesive team and BOTH will undoubtedly experience more comfort and enjoyment in 2-up riding after taking this class.

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    Idaho STAR courses are designed to challenge every level of rider so they can become safer on the road. Click on a course name to learn more about each course to find the one that is right for you.

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