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Moto Skills Challenge (MSC) events are designed for fully endorsed riders with current street-riding experience and have a (optional) competitive edge.

Content: on-cycle events are designed to test each rider’s ability to learn a challenge course and control their vehicle in advanced low-speed maneuvers. Each event will have a unique course to ride with challenges designed to push your abilities and allow for the practice of new skills.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Cost: $30

Registration includes practice sessions, optional time trials, professional coaching as needed, and the opportunity to test your abilities and those of your machine.

Important Information: You MUST provide your own street-legal motorcycle/scooter. While there is no size restriction for motorcycles/scooters for the MSC, there are other restrictions for motorcycle use:

  • No three-wheeled motorcycles (trikes, motorcycles/scooters with sidecars, Can-Am Spyders, etc.).
  • All personally owned motorcycles must be street legal, in safe operating condition, and topped off with a full tank of gas.
  • No fluid leaks, broken spokes, inoperable or missing controls (front or rear brakes, engine cut-off switch, sticky throttle). Motorcycles will also be checked for adequate tire tread and proper inflation. Straight pipes or excessively loud motorcycles are NOT allowed.
  • Participants must bring proof of insurance and ownership/current registration for the motorcycle used. If the registration and/or insurance are not in their name, than they must bring written permission from the owner allowing them to use the vehicle during the event.

Required Riding Skills: There is no prerequisite for this event; however, all participants are expected to be able to perform a number of slow-speed tight turns, U-turns, maximum braking stops, swerves, and have sufficient clutch and throttle control to maintain vehicle control at low speeds in a variety of circumstances.

See STAR gear requirements. A valid driver's license and an "M" motorcycle endorsement are required to participate in MSC events.

It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate skills for participation, as no refunds are offered for dropping out of the event once it begins.

The Moto Skills Challenge is an advanced-level event.  It is important to know that there is potential for dropping your bike, and damage to your motorcycle and injury to yourself is a risk. All participants will be required to sign a waiver and accept full responsibility for any and all damage to their personal equipment and any and all bodily injury that may occur during participation.


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