Additional Course Offerings

If you are looking to practice some specific riding skills, or if you are an endorsed rider looking for a course beyond our Basic or Intermediate Rider Training, we suggest you consider one of our Additional Course Offerings, which include:


The Riding Practice Session is designed to give STAR students more practice time in a structured environment but without additional classroom time or the pressure of a skills test. Much like a regular STAR course, this two-hour session is run by certified STAR instructors whose goal is to help you become a more proficient, safer rider. This is also the prep course for a Skills Retest. Tuition for the Riding Practice Session is $20. Because it is available for returning STAR students only, you must call to register so we can verify eligibility for participation.

For schedule and registration, call us at at 208.639.4540 (888.280.7827, toll free).


Enhanced Street Skills is designed for fully-endorsed riders with current street-riding experience. Motorcycle crash reports indicate that braking errors such as under-using the front brake or locking the rear brake are common factors in crashes, and running off the road in corners is the most common fatal crash scenario. In this 6-hour course, you will refine essential skills needed to be safer out on the road. We will work on skills such as advanced braking, cornering, and swerving and build confidence in your ability to handle emergency situations and deeper understanding of the dynamics of leaning and cornering on your own motorcycle. Tuition for Enhanced Street Skills is $95.


Enhanced Control Skills is designed for fully-endorsed riders with a recommended minimum of one year or 3,000 miles of current street-riding experience. This 6-hour intensive on-cycle course is based on Idaho Police Motor School drills in a closed-course environment. You will have the opportunity to master precision vehicle control and advanced low-speed maneuvering and reinforce critical skills such as head and eye placement and clutch/throttle control. This is a fun and challenging course, regardless of your skill level and is a superb annual refresher! Course sizes are kept small for more individual attention. Tuition for the Precision Riding Clinic is $95.

There is no prerequisite for the Enhanced Control Skills; however, all participants are expected to be able to perform the following skills (prior to registering for the course)**:

Complete 90-degree turns from a stop while staying within lane boundaries
Complete u-turns in 24' or less without putting a foot down
Achieve minimum standards for maximum braking as follows:
13' or less at 15 MPH
23' or less at 20 MPH
31' or less at 25 MPH
44' or less at 30 MPH
Have sufficient clutch and throttle control to maintain vehicle control at low speeds

**It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate skills for participation, as no refunds are offered for dropping out of the course once the course begins. Click here for a practice/skills assessment guide.


Enhanced 2-Up Skills is designed for fully-endorsed riders with current street-riding experience who ride with passengers or plan to ride with passengers. This 6-hour on-cycle course is designed specifically for riding 2-up with coaching and feedback for both rider and passenger. You will have the opportunity to hone essential street-riding skills, better understand handling dynamics when carrying a passenger or riding as a passenger, and build trust and confidence for both rider and passenger on your motorcycle. This course helps rider and passenger become a cohesive team for a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable ride! Course sizes are kept small for more individual attention. Tuition for the Enhanced 2-Up Skills is $95, which includes both rider and passenger. Passenger not provided.

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