STAR  Course Tips

Congratulations on registering for an Idaho STAR Motorcycle Rider Training Course. We believe that you will gain both knowledge and skill that will improve your safety and riding enjoyment for years to come. Whether you have never ridden before (taking the Basic I or Introduction to Riding), are a returning rider (taking the Basic II), or a veteran street rider (taking the Experienced Course, Cornering Skills Practice, Braking Skills Practice, Precision Riding Clinic, or Sidecar/Trike Course), we want you all to be successful. No matter which class you are taking – remember to have fun! Motorcycling is a great sport and learning more about it should be an enjoyable experience. We have provided a list of ‘tips’ for each course that we have found to help students succeed in the class, and get the most out of their time with us. Simply click on the course you are taking.

Basic I Tips for Success
Basic II Tips for Success
Experienced Course Tips for Success