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Learn more about each of our courses and which one is right for you.



May courses open for registration on March 2nd at 9 am. Courses for the 2015 riding season will be posted to the website as follows:

May courses - March 2
June courses - March 30
July courses - May 4
Aug. courses - June 1
Sept. courses - July 6
Oct. courses - Aug. 3
Nov. courses - Sept. 4

You can register 
on-line at or call us at 208-639-4540 
or toll-free at 

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Letter from the Director

As many of you may have heard by now, Idaho STAR recently hired a new director. Sunshine Beer, former STAR Training Manager, has accepted the position and the challenge. Here is a message from her:

Dear Friends of the STAR Program,

I’m deeply honored to have the opportunity to continue my tenure with the STAR Program in the Director role. I’m sincerely humbled and inspired by the demonstration of support from within the program as well as from friends, colleagues and stakeholders across the state and the country. It means the world to me to be surrounded by so many amazing, talented and brilliant people.

This new challenge is exhilarating as well as just a little terrifying. The legacies of my two predecessors, Ron Shepard and Stacey “Ax” Axmaker, are monumental. Both worked passionately to make STAR one of the best programs in the country, and they succeeded. As such, the program is as solid and stable as ever, and we employ the brightest, most dedicated people to be found anywhere. My primary goal is to maintain the continuity of the program culture while fostering forward progress in motorcycle safety outreach, awareness and training...

>> Read the complete letter HERE. <<


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Dress for the slide and enjoy the ride! 

We'd like to remind riders that good quality riding gear protects you in case of a crash. Please watch the video and share!