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Idaho STAR 3rd Annual Spring Openers are scheduled at the following locations and dates: 

Treasure Valley: March 29, at High Desert Harley-Davidson in Meridian.

Idaho Falls: April 19, at Action Motor Sports in Idaho Falls.

Lewiston: April 26, at the Idaho STAR range in Lewiston.

All three events will run on Saturdays from 1 to 3 p.m. The events are free and open to the public. Hope to see you there!



Courses will be posted to the website as follows:

May courses - March 3
June courses - March 31
July courses - May 5
August courses - June 2
Sept. courses - June 30
October courses - Aug. 4
Nov. courses - Aug. 29

You can register on line at or call us at 208-639-4540 or toll-free at 888-280-7827.


This is the perfect course for folks who just want to see if motorcycling is for them or those who are especially nervous about riding and would like to ease into it at a slower pace. Check out our new 'Introduction to Riding' video!

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Freedom to Choose – Choose Wisely

With the riding season here, it’s a great time to ask ourselves what choices we commit to making about our riding

Americans value their freedom – and I’d venture that, as a group, motorcycle riders value their freedom even more than the average citizen.  Freedom of choice is deep in the heart and roots of the United States and runs strong in the motorcycling community. And perhaps that is fitting – when we decide to be a rider, we are faced with many choices about how we will ride.

In an effort to support riders in making good choices (choices that will help them prevent and survive crashes), the Idaho STAR Program has developed something we call “Smart Rider Commitments.”  These are statements for riders to consider regarding choices they will make – commitments they will (or will not) make to themselves about riding.  These commitments are incorporated in some of our rider training classes, and we have put them in to a printable PDF document that anyone can download.

The Smart Rider Commitments are based on three principles:
  1. We are free to choose, but we cannot escape the necessity of choice. (E.g. for whatever protective gear a rider is wearing, that rider made a choice to wear or not wear it).
  2. We cannot wish facts out of existence. (Facts such as: riders are much more vulnerable to injury than car drivers; riding demands more attention, skill, and energy than driving a car; in a battle between asphalt and skin, the skin loses; etc.)
  3. In ‘the moment of truth’ (a car pulls out suddenly, there is gravel in the middle of a turn; a corner gets tighter; etc.) it is too late to go back and make different choices (about riding gear, speed, alcohol, following distance, skills practice, etc.).
We encourage all riders to consider and make these commitments.  Yes, we ARE free to choose – we hope you make the choices (and commitments) that are right for you, as well as for your family and loved ones.

Let’s have a safe and fun 2014 riding season!



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We Start the Year with Great Reviews

Just a few days ago, on February 28th, we had our very first class of 2014, an Introduction to Riding course. One of our students was so happy after the class that she sent us an email with her compliments. Thanks! We love to hear from you:

"I took the Introduction to Riding class this weekend.  Just wanted to tell you this class and all of the Instructors were AWESOME!

I have been riding as a passenger behind my husband for 20 plus years and didn't really know anything about how the clutch, brake, or gears worked.  
I had a lot to learn and the Instructors were very kind and informative.

By the end of class I could go in a straight line and switch from 1st to 2nd and brake!  Best of all it was a very fun class!"