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"Rollout" plan for 2012 courses
 Courses are currently posted through May.  Courses will be posted to the website as follows:

June courses - April 3
July courses - May 1
August courses - June 5
September courses - July 3
October courses - August 7
November courses - Sept. 4
You can register on line at or call us at 208-639-4540 or toll-free at 888-280-7827.

The 3Rs - Help Prevent Drinking and Riding

On Wednesday, March 17 at 6:30pm at Happy Trails Motorcycle Products, the Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety is sponsoring a workshop

designed to help riders prevent their fellow riders from drinking and riding.  Not only can you learn from the presentation, but you can find out how to bring this presentation to your own riding group or club.  Click HERE for more information, an address and a map.

Idaho STAR Spring Openers!

Idaho Falls
*Saturday, March 31
*11am - 1pm
*Action Motorsports

Coeru D'Alene
*Saturday, April 14
*11am  - 1 pm
*Coeur D'Alene Powersports

Come and join us for Idaho STAR's Spring Openers!  We'll have Instructors there to answer your questions, giveaways, food and drink, on-site registration, AND some exciting riding demonstrations:

  • Low Speed Control
  • Maximum Braking (30mph)
  • Live preview of the Basic I Course
  • ABS (see why you CAN'T beat ABS...)
Mark your calendars and we'll see you there!  You can get more info on these events here:

Great Gift Idea
 Give the gift that says "I care about you and want you to be a safe rider."  Your gift to your friend or loved one will be a gift certificate to a STAR class...their gift to you will be to take it.

To purchase a gift certificate, call us at 888-208-7827 or 208-639-4540.

"So, what is the Basic I Course all about?" 
We get this question a lot, and we are happy to do our best to explain it, but a video is worth a thousand words.  Check out our new 'Basic I Course' video!


Need to Get Your Endorsement? 
We believe the best way to get your motorcycle endorsement is to take a Basic I, Basic II, or Experienced Course.  But, you can also take a skills test through ITD.  If you choose this route, check out these four videos to help prepare you.  All four of these videos can also be found on our website HERE

VIDEO 1 - Sharp Turn and Normal Stop

VIDEO 2 - Cone Weave and U-Turn

VIDEO 3 - Quick Stop

VIDEO 4 - Swerve/Obstacle Turn

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The Psychology of the Stop Sign

There are lots of folks who make 'rolling' stops - sometimes called 'California' stops.  And really - what's the big deal?  This month, we are going to talk about the difference bewteen stopping at stop signs and almost stopping at stop signs and why it actually does matter.  It has to do with your brain.
Let's start with a familiar story (I'm sure that many of you have heard this, seen this, or experienced this - if not, play along and see what happens):
Ask yourselves the following questions and then answer (outloud is preferable):

"What color is freshly fallen snow?"
"How do you pronounce the word W-H-I-T-E?"
"What color are most clouds?"
"What do cows drink?"

Did you say "milk" in answer to the last question? (BTW - cows drink water, not milk.)  If so, you are not alone and it is not unexpected.  What happens here is that your brain is being 'primed' with the concept "white" very strongly by the preceding questions.  So much so that when the cow question comes along, your brain takes 'cow,' 'drink,' and 'white' and quickly spits out 'milk.'  Quickly, without doubt or hesitation, and wrong.

So how does this apply to a stop sign?  As you approach a stop sign, you are similarly priming your brain.  You are priming it in one of two ways:
"I will slow down and look for traffic, but as long as it is clear, I'll keep going. I'll only stop if there is traffic there."
"I will stop no matter what.  Then, after I've stopped, I'll proceed only when it is clear."

The first driver/rider is primed to proceed.  The second driver/rider is primed to stop.  Once you are primed to proceed, you are likely to miss (not perceive) some of the details in your visual environment (just like most people miss the obvious answer that cows drink water) and proceed past the stop sign when it is not clear or safe.  And yes - I am suggesting that this is one of the factors involved when a driver says "Officer, I just didn't see him" after colliding with a motorcycle, another car, or even a bus (yes, it happens with buses!)  Want some evidence for this? The next time you are driving or riding on city streets or through a residential area, notice how many drivers stop abruptly about 10-25 feet past the stop line (typically already starting to turn and/or on top of the crosswalk).
Our point here has nothing to do with getting a ticket for running a stop sign (although that could happen).  It has to do with your habits and how you prime yourself. If you always stop at stop signs and red lights, it's a non-issue.  You are primed to stop, and you stop.
The choice - as always - is yours.  Try it, and see for yourself how your driving/riding becomes more relaxed and you have fewer 'close calls' and abrupt stops.

Enjoy the spring weather and ride safe!


Meridian Spring Opener - a Big Success!

On Saturday, March 10 we held our first Spring Opener event at High Desert Harley-Davidson in Meridian.  It was a big success!  Over 100 people came out to watch some cool riding demonstrations, learn about STAR courses, and 2 lucky folks each won a gift certificate for a free class.  The highlight of the event was the last part of the day - the ABS demonstration.  We put out a bunch of sand on the parking lot and had bikes doing maximum braking right through it.  (Click the photo to see the video clip!)

As part of our efforts to reach riders statewide, will also be holding Spring Openers in Idaho Falls on March 31 and in Coeur d'Alene on April 14 (see the sidebar to the left for details).  Hope to see you there!

Ride Safe!



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