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Learn more about each of our courses and which one is right for you.



Courses will be posted to the website as follows:

Sept. courses - June 30
October courses - Aug. 4
Nov. courses - Aug. 29

You can register on line at or call us at 208-639-4540 or toll-free at 888-280-7827.



If you are looking for a discount on one of our courses, make sure to check our promo page, where we list current discounts by course and location.


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Road Rush - 
High Risk...Low Reward

I recently spent a week in ‘the big city.’ Living in Boise, Idaho (population is about 200,000), the greater Seattle area sure feels like the big city to me. I spent just enough time on the main highways and freeways to remind me of a traffic dynamic that I've been seeing in cities both large and small for many years now. I call it “Road Rush.”

It’s not “Road Rage” – although it can lead to that. And it’s not “Road Rash” – although it can lead to that, too. Road Rush is the tendency for drivers (and riders) to seek out any time and/or space advantage (or perceived advantage) that will help them get from point A to point B faster. You've seen it (and most of us have done it)…

>> Read more HERE.


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Experienced Riders and Training

We often hear from experienced riders wondering what we have to offer. Some people believe motorcycle training is just for beginners and are surprised to learn that from the 8 courses Idaho STAR offers, 5 are for motorcycle riders with experience and one is for 3-wheeler riders, also with experience.

If you need your endorsement or are coming back to the sport, check out these two courses:

If you are already endorsed and you have your own motorcycle (or really good friends who will lend you theirs), you can choose from these three courses that will hone your skills and take you to the next level of riding:

There are many reasons why taking advanced training is a good idea. Here are just a few:
  • STAR training is associated with a 79% reduced crash risk and a 89% reduction in the risk of a fatal crash
  • You'll experience a new level of confidence and increased skills, providing you with a safer and more enjoyable motorcycling experience
  • Within the year you take your class, present your STAR completion card at selected dealers and businesses and get product and service discounts 
  • Many insurance companies offer a premium discount to riders who have successfully completed an Idaho STAR course