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We Need to Get More Kids into Knife Juggling

Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve often heard riders recommend or at least suggest that we encourage more people to ride motorcycles, under the theory that if there are more riders out there, drivers will be more likely to get used to looking for motorcycles or that having the experience of riding a motorcycle makes people better drivers. Similarly, I’ve heard calls for getting teenagers to ride dirt bikes (to help prepare them for street riding as they get older, if they choose), or street bikes (so they learn to be aware of motorcycles as they learn to drive).

While these ideas may sound good on the surface, I have to say that I categorically disagree with encouraging ANYONE to ride motorcycles. That may sound odd coming from someone who runs a state motorcycle safety program, so let me elaborate. 

While there is data to indicate that riders make better drivers, I am not aware of any data to suggest that drivers who have riding experience are less likely to be involved in car-motorcycle crashes...

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(Note: Our apologies for the broken link on the Jan. 1st newsletter. The problem is now fixed; please read the complete story here)


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