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Idaho STAR Program

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"Rollout" plan for
2013 courses

Courses will be posted to the website as follows:

 Mar./Apr. courses - Feb. 4
May courses - March 4
June courses - April 1
July courses - May 6
August courses - June 3
September courses - July 1
October courses - Aug. 5
Nov. courses - Aug. 30


You can register on line at or call us at 208-639-4540 or toll-free at 888-280-7827.

Treasure Valley 
Spring Opener
The Idaho STAR Program will be holding a Spring Opener at:
High Desert Harley-Davidson 
in Meridian on Saturday,
March 16, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 

The Spring Opener will include riding demonstrations, handouts, giveaways, and information about the factors involved in Idaho’s motorcycle crashes.  The focus will be on what riders can do to better control their bikes and avoid crashes. 
Come say ‘hi’ and enter to win a
STAR course gift certificate. There will also be coffee, hot chocolate, and lots of bikers sharing stories.
We hope to see you there.

The Flying W 
ABS Demonstration

Updated Rider's Guide

We have updated the Basic Rider's Guide with new sections, new data showing the most recent motorcycle-related studies, and two new chapters: "Touring and Long-distance Riding" and "Riding in the cold; Riding in the Heat."
If you took the Basic I or Basic II, we recommend you re-read the Rider's Guide every once in a while to refresh some of the knowledge you learned during the class.
Now, you can download the updated version for free! Just click on the image below.
Ride lots, ride 
safe, and never stop learning!

Great Gift Idea
 Give the gift that says "I care about you and want you to be a safe rider." 
Your gift to your friend or loved one will be a gift certificate to a STAR class...their gift to you will be to take it.

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Making the Choices that are Right for You
What do discussions about helmet laws and gun regulations have in common?
Well, first of all, they are very often more like shouting matches than discussions… Here is what I have noticed: 
  • Both issues have very strong advocates for and against.
  • Both issues have a freedom side.
  • Both issues have a safety side.
  • Both issues tend to have some (not saying how many…) very vocal folks who are dismissive of any argument or person that does not align with their position (for or against).
  • Both issues often generate discussions where each side wants to make its case, but is not really interested in listening to the other side make its case.
  • It is fairly rare to hear discussions where advocates on either side are discussing middle ground or common ground.

My point here is not to take a position on either issue – there is enough of that already out there. My point is that the dynamics we see in these debates often prevent us from making informed choices about what is right for us. It is simply human nature dig our heels in to a position when confronted with opposing views. This digging in may lead us to reject new information.
You may be involved in the debate regarding what legislation does or does not exist, gets passed, or gets repealed regarding motorcycling. Whether you are or not, here is our advice for making the choices that are right for you: 
  • Learn what you can about the topic (guns, helmets, motorcycling, etc.) and do your best to seek out good information and data.
  • Evaluate the information rationally (try to avoid emotional extremes) in light of your values and what is important to you.
  • Recognize that no matter what the law says, there are choices that you can make.
  • Decide what choices make sense for you and your family.
  • Make your informed choices. 
That’s it.  Nothing fancy here – we just encourage all riders  to make informed choices about riding, about riding gear, about riding skills, about alcohol and impairment, about group riding, about carrying passengers, etc. Consider the facts; consider your values; consider your family and loved ones; consider what is important to you. You ARE free to choose… choose wisely.
Ride Safe,



New STAR Courses

We promised in our last issue we'd provide a more in depth description of our new courses for 2013: Introduction to Riding, Cornering Skills Practice, and Braking Skills Practice.

These new courses are based on student interest and on the analysis of recent crash data in Idaho. They expand your options and allow us to reach – more than ever before – to riders of all levels. All three new courses are three-hour sessions; no classroom portion, no tests. Tuition is $35 per course.

The idea of the Introduction to Riding class was brought up by some Basic I students who felt they would have benefited from a slower-paced practice on the range and from those who were especially nervous about being on a bike for the first time. We have applied the same principles as the "KickStart" does (the program in Washington that developed the course). You can watch a video about the "KickStart" here, or visit our Introduction to Riding webpage for more information or to register. We provide motorcycles and helmets for this class.

The Braking Skills Practice and the Cornering Skills Practice were designed with Idaho's motorcycle fatality data in mind (73-75% of motorcycle fatalities in Idaho are associated with rider error). The idea for both Skills Practice courses is that riders (yes - experienced and veteran riders, too) will benefit from learning or refreshing specific life-saving skills to avoid crashes.

Both courses are designed for fully endorsed riders with current street-riding experience. You need to bring your own bike.

We open enrollment for our March and April courses today (Monday, February 4th) at 9 a.m., with openings for the Introduction to Riding course at several locations across the state. Enrollment for the two Skill Practice clinics will open on March 4th, with classes starting in May. If you are interested in taking any of these courses,
register on line, or give us a call if you have any questions (888-280-7827). 
We are hopeful that during 2013 we’ll serve more riders than ever before, save more lives, and make Idaho roads safer for everyone.

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