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Preventing and Surviving Crashes

Making choices before the ‘moment of truth’ can make all the difference

We all know deep down that riding motorcycles carries a significantly higher level of risk than driving a car. We all know deep down that when a crash happens involving a motorcycle rider, the chances of injury or death are much higher than for someone in a car. This higher risk is not something that riders talk about very much (hey – I get it, if we are at a rally, group ride, fundraiser, bike show, etc. talking about crashing and getting hurt is a real downer…). One of the less pleasant aspects of my job is reviewing motorcycle crash reports. Seeing those crash reports keeps that knowledge of higher risk front and center in my mind.

No one plans to crash, but we know that crashes happen (about 500 are reported each year in Idaho). Based on the work of the Idaho Strategic Highway Safety Plan Motorcycle Committee, we are learning what factors are associated with fatal motorcycle crashes. Here are some of the findings from an analysis of 5 years of data (2009-2013; 127 fatalities):

75% - Cruisers or touring bikes
70% - Riders 40 years old and older
67% - Fatalities associated with rider error
41% - Riders running off the road in a corner
33% - Alcohol/drug involvement by riders
21% - Car violating a rider’s right-of-way

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Tips for Riding in the Heat

No denying that's hot out there; what can we do to make riding in the heat safer and more comfortable? 

Four of our STAR staff members talk about their choices to stay cool while riding in the heat. Check out the video to learn more.