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"Rollout" Plan For 2012 Courses
Courses are currently posted through September. Courses will be posted to the website as follows:

 October courses - August 7
November courses - Sept. 4

You can register on line at or call us at 208-639-4540 or toll-free at 888-280-7827.

New Riding Tip From
'Captain Crash'

Here is a video of Idaho's own Captain Crash with a useful riding tip about 'Road Hypnosis.'

Road Hypnosis

Someone Asked you About STAR Training?

So, you took a STAR course and people asked you about it. We are sure you told them about your experience and your new (or improved) riding skills. Now you can also share the links to these videos.
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Motorcycle Fatalities
 Up so far in 2012

Initial reports for this year's motorcycle fatalities show an increase over last year. Preliminary data show 13 motorcycle fatalities so far in 2012. Last year at this time there were 6. There's no single cause - we are seeing driver errors, rider errors, roadway defects, poor protective gear, alcohol, and even equipment failure. Please, do what you can to prevent the crash AND survive the crash. Many are preventable, but we know that about 500 crashes are reported every year.
Be prepared:
Gear up and ride safe! 

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We are Free to Choose:

But remember – we are picking up ‘both
ends of the stick’

In many motorcycle groups, clubs, and organizations, there is much talk of ‘freedom’ and being ‘free to choose.’  One of my favorite quotes from the late Dr. Steven Covey (I’m sure others have said it as well, but I heard it from Dr. Covey) was ‘when you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other end as well.’ What he was saying was that we ARE free to choose our actions; however, we are NOT free to choose the consequences of those actions (the consequences are the other end of the stick). The consequences are determined by the laws of nature, the laws of physics, and the laws of probability.

Here are some examples.



Eating a lot of junk-food

Gaining weight, higher risk of illness/disease

Not buying life insurance

Family may be left with financial problems

Skipping car or bike maintenance (oil, filter, tires, etc.)

Higher risk of breakdown and expensive repairs

Drinking and driving (or riding)

Much higher risk of crashing, getting hurt, or hurting others

Riding in a bandana,
t-shirt, and leather vest

Increased risk of head injury and road rash in the event of a crash

Dressing in all black when riding (especially at night)

Other drivers are less likely to see you

Riding side-by-side in the lane

Greatly reduced space cushion and limited escape routes

Riding in a tight pack when group riding

Less time to respond to the rider ahead slowing or stopping; tend to watch the rider just ahead (rather than the road 12-20 seconds ahead)

Using the rear brake only to stop

Longer stopping distances; build the habit of rear brake only which makes a skid and low-side crash more likely in an emergency

Learning and practicing countersteering

Improved cornering and swerving ability; less likely to run off the road in a corner (most common fatality crash scenario)

Learning and practicing quick stops (with both brakes)

Shorter stopping distances; build the habit of using both brakes; the ability to avoid/prevent many crashes

Wearing gear to protect body, hands, legs, feet, and head

Much lower risk of injury or death in the event of a crash; much better chances of coming home to loved ones

Riding sober

Much lower risk of a crash, getting hurt, or hurting others

Looking well ahead (20 seconds)

Seeing potential hazards earlier and having more time to respond

We, as riders, make choices about our riding constantly. What we wear, how fast we ride, how close we follow the car in front, who we ride with, what we drink, how often we practice emergency skills; these are all choices we make and these are all choices that come with consequences. I encourage all riders to think about what consequences you want, and then make the choices that will help to bring about those consequences.  You ARE free to choose – please choose wisely.




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