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Learn more about each of our eight courses and which one is right for you.



If you already know how to ride and are looking to master precision vehicle control, this course is for you.  Our next Precision Riding Clinic (PRC) will meet in Lewiston on June 28th and 29th (and it's now $25 off). 

The PRC is designed for fully endorsed riders with a minimum of two years or 10,000 miles of current street-riding experience. 

This 16-hour intensive on-cycle course is based on Idaho Police Motor School drills. You will have the opportunity to master precision vehicle control and advanced low-speed maneuvering and hazard response skills on your own motorcycle.



Courses will be posted to the website as follows:

August courses - May 30
Sept. courses - June 30
October courses - Aug. 4
Nov. courses - Aug. 29

You can register on line at or call us at 208-639-4540 or toll-free at 888-280-7827.
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Motorcycling and Cancer

**NOTE: I do not intend to minimize, trivialize, or in any way express disrespect in this article for cancer, cancer survivors, or those who have lost a battle with, or a loved one to, cancer.**

I am at risk for prostate cancer. My grandfather had it and my father had it at a much younger age. So, genetically, the odds are that I will get it, too. No, this article isn’t a pity party (and my Dad is doing well as a cancer survivor - which he says is way better that NOT being a cancer survivor. If you like, check out his blog, a lighter look at his experiences with cancer). Hey, you got to give your Dad a plug when you can…

This article is about things that are within our circle of influence and things that are not. My genetic risk for prostate cancer is outside of my ability to influence. Let’s say 60% of my risk is genetic and 40% can be influenced by my behavior and choices. So, I can say “Screw it - I’m either going to die from this or I’m not” or I can say “40% within my ability to influence? Just watch me milk the crap out of that 40%!” Anyone who knows me would guess that I’m much more likely to say the latter. I may still get prostate cancer, but I’m going to do what I can to prevent it (or at least delay it, slow it down, call it names, and be generally resistant to it).

Motorcycling is similar in this respect. Statistically, motorcycle riders are much more likely to be hurt, be seriously hurt, or even killed in a crash simply by nature of being on a motorcycle. There are a number of things we can do to better our odds of preventing and/or surviving those crashes. Some of the risk we can influence; some we cannot. So, we can either say “Screw it – when it’s my time, it my time…” or we can choose to ‘milk the crap’ out of those things we CAN influence. What are some of those things? Here are a few ideas:

>> Read more HERE.


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Celebrate Ride to Work Day

Ride to Work Day is being held on June 16th this year. If you are riding to work that day, we invite you to share your pictures with us on our FB page or to email them to

This day is not just about encouraging the wider adoption of motorcycle riding…it's about increasing the understanding of—and tolerance for—those who choose this form of mobility, and about providing support and encouragement to those who like to ride.

You can find some facts and numbers about motorcycle 
commuting HERE.


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If you enjoy this newsletter, don't forget to check our webpage from time to time. We have several resources for riders, such as: articles, blogs posts, a practice guide, links to other organizations, recommended reading materials, and our new promo page, where you can find a list of STAR courses on sale.

You can always find us at!