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This is Morgan, her dad is a motorcycle rider, and she wants us to make sure we look twice for motorcycles. Please share this video with your friends and let Morgan do the explaining.

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A Helmet is not Political...

and neither is a jacket, chaps, boots, 
gloves, etc

Many riders spend significant time and energy on state legislation regarding the use of motorcycle helmets (either for or against).  

This kind of activity is inherently political as it is all about whether a law is or is not proposed, passed, and enforced in our society. This is one of the things I love about living in the United States – citizens participate in government and can have their voices heard by their elected representatives.  

In this article, I make the argument that while helmet legislation is, by its very nature, political, the device itself (the motorcycle helmet) is not political. It’s simply a piece of equipment (just like a jacket, chaps, boots, or gloves).

Last month, I was riding back and forth between two states that have different helmet laws – one requires helmets for all riders, and one requires helmets only for riders under 18.  

My very unscientific observation showed...

>> Read the complete article here. 


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‘Someone I Love Rides’ Campaign

If someone you love rides, you want drivers to look twice for motorcycles. 

If someone you love rides, you want him/her to ride sober, to have the right skills, to be seen, and to wear the right gear.

If someone you love rides, you want them to come home safe after every ride.

This is the message of the new ITD’s Motorcycle Safety Campaign that will run during June. Visit the campaign's website or scan the QR code you’ll find at pump toppers in gas stations across Idaho. You can also request free bumper stickers and Heart Patches online.


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Ready to Ride with the Cops? 

This year Chills & Thrills takes place on June 15, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.* at High Desert Harley-Davidson in Meridian (* registration starts at 8 am).

Chills & Thrills is designed to test and improve your riding abilities, skills, and confidence. There are courses for all levels of experience, including many of the same courses the Police train on. 

NEW this year: STAR Instructors will be there offering optional coaching for those taking the challenge!
Bring your bike and gear and enjoy a morning of challenging fun.

This is a free event, but donations to the Ronald McDonald House are welcome. Chills & Thrills is brought to you by your local Law Enforcement Motorcycle Units and the Idaho STAR Program.