Everyone seeking an endorsement on their Idaho driver’s license must take the motorcycle written test ($3.00) at any driver licensing office. The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions and you may not miss more than five questions. Test results are valid for one year. You may review for the test by studying the Idaho Motorcycle Operator’s Manual at http://www.itd.idaho.gov/DMV/DriverServices/ds.htm and referencing DRIVER'S MANUALS on the right hand side of the page. A free copy of the manual is also available at any driver licensing office.

If you are under 21:
You are required to take, and pass, a motorcycle training course. The STAR Basic I, Basic II or Experienced Course will meet this requirement if the endorsement is added within one year of passing the course. If you are under 17, you must have successfully completed an approved driver education course before enrolling in a motorcycle training course.

If you are over 21
You may take a skills test ($10.00) by a third party skills tester. Information on skills testers can be obtained when you take the written test or by visiting http://itd.idaho.gov/dmv/driverservices/ds.htm and referencing SKILL TESTERS on the right hand side of the page. The written test must be taken before the skills test. You may review a practice guide that covers the skills required for the test by visiting idahostar.org, selecting Rider Resources and then Practice Guide.


You may take a Basic I, Basic II or Experienced Course, which will waive the skills test requirement if the endorsement is added within one year of passing the course. As an added bonus, many insurance companies give discounts for taking an Idaho STAR class.

Want to ride while waiting for a class?

While we strongly recommend taking the class before riding on the street, it is legal in Idaho to ride with a valid permit. If you have a valid Idaho driver’s license, you may take the written motorcycle test ($3.00) and purchase a Motorcycle Instruction Permit ($15.00). Motorcycle Instruction Permits are valid for 6 months. The permit will allow you to ride during daylight hours only, with no freeway driving or passengers allowed. If you return to the driver’s license office to get the endorsement before the instruction permit expires, you will not have to pay the $15.00 one-time fee for the endorsement.

For more information about the STAR courses or to register for a class, visit our website at idahostar.org or call 1-888-280-7827. For licensing information call your local driver’s license office.

If paying by credit card, you can register online by selecting a course type from the menu to the right or call 1-888-280-STAR (7827). If paying by check or money order, please mail in your payment (made out to College of Southern Idaho) along with a Registration Form and Class Date Request form.

Yes. Idaho law requires you to pass a certified state motorcycle safety program, such as an Idaho STAR rider course, to qualify you for the "M" endorsement. Taking the STAR Basic I, Basic II, or Experienced Course will waive the skills test at your local driver licensing office if the endorsement is added within one year of passing the course.

One way is to show up early on the first night of any class. Tell the instructor you want to "walk in" if there are any "no shows". You should have your calendar cleared for the weekend, be prepared to pay tuition with cash or check, and be ready to go if a spot is open. If you are already registered for an upcoming class, your tuition will transfer - just show your Instructor a print-out of your confirmation or pull up your emailed confirmation on your mobile device. Walk in students under the age of 21 have priority over other students because they are required by law to take a motorcycle safety course prior to receiving a motorcycle endorsement.

No, we do not maintain waiting lists as our registration system is in real time. Any openings due to cancellations or the posting of additional classes will show up immediately at IdahoSTAR.org as available for registration. If there is a specific course you are having trouble accessing, please let our staff know by using the Contact Us form. Although we do not maintain waiting lists, we do keep tabs on public interest and frequently add courses to the schedule.

You can access the Idaho STAR eRider website by using the link provided in your course confirmation email, or you can use this link - https://erider.idahostar.org/. We recommend bookmarking the page for easy access.

In order for you to participate in the class, a waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian. Your parent or guardian can stop by the Idaho STAR main office in Boise and sign paperwork before class, OR they may come to the beginning of class to sign the necessary paperwork. Another option is for you to print the waiver and have your parent or guardian take both pages to be notarized prior to the class, then bring the notarized waiver to class with you. You will not be allowed to ride in the course until the Instructor has an acceptable waiver on file. If you are not allowed to continue for this reason, your full tuition will be forfeited.

Idaho STAR provides training bikes for the Introduction to Riding, Basic I, and Basic II courses, that range in size from 125 to 250 cc.

You may choose to ride your own motorcycle or scooter in the Basic I, Basic II, or Introduction to Riding classes. Your vehicle must be 400 or less cc's in the Basic I Course and Introduction to Riding, but there is no size limit for the Basic II. For the Experienced Course, Braking Practice, Cornering Practice, Precision Riding Clinic, or Sidecar/Trike Course, you are required to provide your own motorcycle or scooter of any size. Any time you use your own scooter or motorcycle in a STAR course, you must bring proof of insurance with you and the Instructor must verify the vehicle is in safe operating condition. The T-CLOCK inspection is a useful tool to determine if your bike is in safe operating condition. If you bring a motorcycle or scooter that is not yours, then you must bring written permission for you to use the vehicle during the class.

Yes. Take your Idaho STAR completion card to your local driver licensing office and they will waive the skills test, but you must take the DMV knowledge test. Upon successful completion of the test, they will issue your motorcycle endorsement for a small fee.

Please, remember that successful completion of the Basic I, Basic II, and Experienced courses will waive the DMV skills test requirement only if the endorsement is added within one year of passing the course. A Sidecar/Trike Course completion card waives the test for a 3-wheeled endorsement only.

Your completion card will be mailed within two weeks of the last day of your class.

Idaho STAR will issue a replacement card for any STAR course taken within the last three (3) years for a fee of $5.00. You can call our office at 888-280-7827 with credit card information or mail your written request with payment to:

Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program
3500 W. Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID 83714

To schedule a retest, call the STAR office at 888-280-7827 five to ten business days after your class. Retests must be performed within 90 days of your original class date, and are offered up to two weeks after the final class of the season at each training site. The training season varies from site to site. There are no fees for retests. A Riding Practice Session may be required in order to qualify for a retest. The tuition for the Riding Practice Session is $15.

If your motorcycle exhaust is stock or still has baffles, you’re almost certainly good to go. If you have straight pipes, your bike is most likely not appropriate for a class setting. STAR’s training locations are primarily at schools and are therefore close to residential areas. We strive to meet the requirements and expectations of residents in close proximity to our ranges. We strongly encourage you to call us if you are concerned about your motorcycle being too loud for class.

  • If you are taking the Basic I, Basic II, Experienced Course or Sidecar/Trike Course, you can find the address of your class and printable maps by clicking HERE.
  • If you are taking the Introduction to Riding Clinic, Braking Skills Practice, Cornering Skills Practice or the Precision Riding Clinic, get the addresses and printable maps HERE.
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