STAR  Sidecar/Trike Course

The Sidecar/Trike Course is designed for sidecar and trike operators with at least three months of current street-riding experience. In this 9-hour course you will learn street strategies and hazard response skills as well as practice cornering, braking, and swerving skills on your own three-wheeled rig. 

A valid driver's license or driver's permit is required for this class, but a motorcycle or three-wheeled vehicle endorsement is optional. If you are looking to obtain your three-wheeled vehicle operator endorsement, successful completion of this course will waive ITD's skills test requirement if the endorsement is added within one year of passing the course. Please note that an "M" endorsement for motorcycle operators will also allow you to operate a three-wheeled vehicle legally. Learn more here

Tuition for the Sidecar/Trike Course is $135. Learn more about the Sidecar/Trike Course.