Becoming a motorcycle rider training Instructor

Sharing the Joy of Motorcycling

Let's face it - we ride because we have a passion for the sport; the freedom of the road - the sounds, the sights, the skill and attention that it demands. You can share your enthusiasm and give something back to motorcycling by becoming a STAR rider training Instructor. Every year new riders from across the state enter the sport. These future riders depend upon the instruction and guidance of trained Instructors - and you could be one of them!

Learn New Skills

Idaho STAR's Instructor training program will prepare you to step into the classroom and on to the range with confidence and skill. During Instructor training you'll learn how to evaluate and coach your students, both in the classroom and on the range. You will also learn techniques for successfully managing classroom discussion, and most importantly, student safety. In addition to helping others develop their skills, our Instructors frequently experience improvement in their own riding skills.