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Sooooo many choices

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Saturday, August 31, 2013

The phrase ‘freedom to choose’ is heard frequently in motorcycle/biker circles and typically refers to the rider’s freedom to choose whether or not to wear a helmet (rather than the wearing of a helmet being a legal requirement). In this article, I will apply the phrase ‘freedom to choose’ to a variety of other choices that riders are free to make. Scientists suggest that the majority of actions that people take in a given day are not so much out of a conscious choice, but more out of habit. In these cases, the choice comes into play in two ways: 

Motorcycle Safety Program director receives national award

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Friday, August 30, 2013

Boise—Stacey “Ax” Axmaker, director of the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program, received the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA) 2013 Outstanding Contribution Award. The award was presented on August 24 at the National Summit on Comprehensive Motorcycle Safety Programs, in Kansas City, Mo. 

Serving ALL Riders

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Friday, August 09, 2013
As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, in my riding career, I have crashed. In one of those crashes, I ended up sliding down the street behind my bike (which was also sliding down the street). After that crash (and after many other crashes that I have heard about and read about), people often say things like ‘Yes, your gear probably saved you from greater injury, but what could you have done earlier to prevent the crash in the first place? Could you have been going slower? Making better judgments? Maintaining a better following distance?’ These are all great questions and worthy of us asking ourselves so that we can better our odds for the future. However, if you are the one asking these questions of another, I urge you to tread cautiously: 
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Motorcycle Safety Program Targets Crash Factors

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Thursday, August 01, 2013
BOISE—Preliminary data shows that 13 people have died in motorcycle crashes in Idaho so far this year, the same number of fatalities from January through July last year. 
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"I knew what to do, but I crashed anyway" - The story of MY crash

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Thursday, August 01, 2013
People (riders and non-riders alike) will often talk about a crash in a similar way – ‘Oh, that rider didn’t know how to corner/brake/balance/etc. THAT’s why they crashed.’ The assumption seems to be that if the rider had more knowledge (how to use the front brake assertively, how to press on the handgrip to increase lean, etc.), the crash would not have happened. In this article, I will suggest that this is not the case.

Here is my story of a crash – a crash on the river in an inflatable boat. 

In 2006, my wife and I wanted to spend some time on the river. So, we signed up for a beginner level kayak class. The class was an entire weekend of time in the water. We started with some briefing, then we got in a very calm lake, then on a pretty calm river, then the next day progressed to a more challenging river. This follows a very similar pattern to motorcycle rider training in a ‘learn to ride’ class. 
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Motorcycle Crash - It won’t happen to me because…

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Thursday, July 11, 2013

We have seen several motorcycle crashes in the news lately. Some were fatal…some were not. The crash factors reported have been varied: animal strikes, gravel, tailgating resulting in a rear-end crash, running wide in a corner, car violating the rider’s right-of-way, etc. Some riders were wearing gear…some riders were not. 

Idaho’s Motorcycle Safety Program Reminds Drivers, Riders to be Alert While on the Road this Summer

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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The Primary Attribution Error

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Sunday, June 30, 2013

“That guy is just a jerk/idiot…I just made an honest mistake”

A helmet is not political

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Saturday, June 01, 2013

...and neither is a jacket, chaps, boots, gloves, etc. 

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. What do we need to be aware of?

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Friday, May 03, 2013

May is recognized each year as Motorcycle Awareness Month. Typically, this means encouraging car drivers to “Look Twice for Motorcycles.” This remains as one of our goals, and the Motorcycle Awareness Rallies held throughout Idaho this weekend are geared to help with that (see sidebar for more info). In this article, however, I’d like to explore some other elements of ‘Motorcycle Awareness.’ These are things that we ALL need to be aware of (drivers AND riders):
We need to be AWARE that the riding season is here and more and more motorcycles are out on the roads.
• Not only is the 2013 riding season here, but the numbers are showing that sales and registrations are on the rise, so the overall ridership is increasing, too.
• As riders, we can do our part by telling our friends, family, and colleagues that we ride, and ask them to look twice for riders when they drive. 
We need to be AWARE that motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injury or death in a crash.
• I think we can ALL agree that ZERO crashes and ZERO deaths is the goal.  
• I think we can also all agree that at this point in time, that number is NOT zero.
• If you have loved ones who ride, let them know that you care about the riding gear they wear – that you care about their health, wellness, and survival.
• If you ride, what do your loved ones want for you?
• As riders, we can do our part by asking and answering these questions for ourselves and for our own families.