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You’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel Lucky?”

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Friday, October 03, 2014
We all remember Inspector Callahan’s famous quote from “Dirty Harry” (1971). We may not often think of it this way, but there is a certain amount of ‘luck’ involved in riding a motorcycle and whether or not we are involved in a crash. Motorcycle rider training folks like me typically focus on the factors that are within the rider’s control, but the reality is that there is a ‘luck’ element to our crash risk.

Consider our natural response when we hear someone is involved in a car crash. Among others, I’ll bet that we all feel or think some version of:
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Look Twice for Motorcycles... 10 Things More Likely to Happen

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Preventing and Surviving Crashes

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Thursday, July 31, 2014
Making choices before the ‘moment of truth’ can make all the difference 
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ITD and Idaho STAR remind drivers and riders to be alert while on the road

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Monday, July 07, 2014
Motorcycle fatalities in Idaho peak in the summer months

BOISE – With the arrival of warm weather, the number of motorcycles on the road increases and so does the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program want to see that trend end.

Based on preliminary reports, there have been eight fatalities involving motorcycles in Idaho during the first six months of 2014 (Jan. 1 to June 30), one more than last year.

ITD data shows that nearly 68 percent of the motorcycle crashes in Idaho happen between May and August.

Download a fact sheet with 2011-13 motorcycle crash data.

ITD and Idaho STAR encourage drivers and riders to be alert, sober and courteous, and to share the road so everyone can get where they are headed safely.

Motorcycle riders also are reminded to be prepared for the unexpected, make themselves visible to other motorists while on the road and wear protective gear to help minimize injury. ITD's crash reports show that 67 percent of motorcycle fatal crashes in Idaho are associated with rider error.

To reduce the risk of crashes, motorcycle riders are encouraged to participate in motorcycle rider training. Idaho STAR offers eight different courses for riders of all levels of experience and ability, from people just thinking about buying a motorcycle to veteran riders. There are 11 training locations across Idaho. To find one nearby, visit

STAR training is associated with a 79 percent reduced crash risk and an 89 percent reduction in the risk of a fatal crash. To learn more about Idaho STAR and motorcycle training, visit or call 1-888-280-7827. 
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Road Rush – High Risk…Low Reward

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Monday, June 30, 2014
I recently spent a week in ‘the big city.’ Living in Boise, Idaho (population is about 200,000), the greater Seattle area sure feels like the big city to me. I spent just enough time on the main highways and freeways to remind me of a traffic dynamic that I’ve been seeing in cities both large and small for many years now. I call it “Road Rush.”

It’s not “Road Rage” – although it can lead to that. And it’s not “Road Rash” – although it can lead to that, too. Road Rush is the tendency for drivers (and riders) to seek out any time and/or space advantage (or perceived advantage) that will help them get from point A to point B faster. You’ve seen it (and most of us have done it)…things like: 
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Motorcycling and Cancer

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Sunday, June 01, 2014
**NOTE: I do not intend to minimize, trivialize, or in any way express disrespect in this article for cancer, cancer survivors, or those who have lost a battle with, or a loved one to, cancer.**

I am at risk for prostate cancer. My grandfather had it and my father had it at a much younger age. So, genetically, the odds are that I will get it, too. No, this article isn’t a pity party (and my Dad is doing well as a cancer survivor - which he says is way better that NOT being a cancer survivor. If you like, check out his blog, a lighter look at his experiences with cancer). Hey, you got to give your Dad a plug when you can… 
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STAR Program Earns Idaho Press Club Award

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Wednesday, May 07, 2014
BOISE—The Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program received the first place in the Public Relations-Brand Management category from the Idaho Press Club for its 2013 email marketing campaign.

The Idaho Press Club, a statewide association of journalists and public relations professionals, honors the best in journalism and public relations in Idaho each year. 

“Idaho STAR’s outreach program goes beyond what we teach in our courses,” said Maria Ortega, Communications Manager for Idaho STAR. “Outreach is a very strong component of the program; we continually encourage motorcycle safety and continued learning, which are the two main goals of the campaign recognized by the Idaho Press Club.”

The Idaho STAR Program reaches out to thousands of drivers and motorcycle riders each year. In addition to its eight courses and a strong online presence offering rider resources and information, STAR now offers its graduates a new way to connect with the program via its email marketing campaign.

About Idaho STAR

The Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program is an Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education program and operates through the College of Southern Idaho. STAR is accredited by the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA). STAR training is associated with a 79% reduced crash risk and an 89% reduction in the risk of a fatal crash. STAR provides courses for all levels of riders, taught by Idaho certified instructors. To find a class near you visit or call 1-888-280-7827.  
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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BOISE— Every year, about 500 motorcycle crashes are reported in Idaho. To remind drivers and riders of the importance of sharing the road, Idaho riders are joining the national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month campaign through the month of May.  
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What an RAF Pilot Can Teach us About Being Safe on the Road

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – a time to promote sharing the road and looking twice for motorcycles.  So, why DO so many drivers not see motorcyclists? Here is a very interesting and informative perspective from London. The article includes lots of great information about how our eyes and brain work as well as some good advice for both drivers and riders. Give it a read, share it with fellow drivers and riders, and let’s work on preventing those crashes!  

Do You See the Light?

Published by Idaho STAR Program on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cars and trucks following us can be a hazard – especially when we slow down or stop and they don’t.  It seems as if drivers are becoming more and more distracted in recent years with phone conversations, texting, checking email, or other distractions. This means that we shouldn’t expect the drivers behind us to quickly notice that we are slowing down. Yes, I know…they SHOULD, but based on actual experience in traffic, it isn’t reasonable to expect it.  Here are a few tips for using your lights to give those drivers an early warning.